Toric Lens

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cataracts_toric_compareWhen undergoing cataract surgery, patients that have corneal astigmatism might still have to wear glasses in order to see well in the distance. For patients with mild astigmatism, Dr. Rom can perform an LRI to help patients see well. For patients that have a more severe amount of astigmatism, a toric IOL might be needed. This is a type of  lens designed to correct astigmatism during cataract surgery. This lens is implanted in the exact same way as the standard monofocal IOL, but it has a special shape that can be customized to correct astigmatisms of varying degrees.

Toric IOLs are extremely predicable and procedure excellent outcomes. In some cases, Dr. Rom might have to perform an LRI in additional to a Toric IOL to fully correct your astigmatism.