What is LASIK?

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We encourage you to research this important procedure before signing up for any LASIK surgeon in the Cleveland area. The following information has been provided to help you do that. Our office staff is always available should you have any questions regarding LASIK vision correction. Once you have enough information that you think you would be interested in having this done, we can schedule you for an evaluation. You will have the opportunity to talk to the doctor and ask any questions you may have before deciding to move forward. Dr. Michael Rom has been performing LASIK in the Cleveland area at his Chardon and Mentor offices for years, performing thousands of surgeries.

What is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym for Laser-Assisted in-situ Keratomileusis, and it is the world’s most popular laser vision correction procedure. It is safe, effective, and provides immediate results. LASIK has helped millions of people see clearly independent of glasses or contact lenses, and it makes it possible to resume a more active lifestyle.

LASIK eye surgery is used to correct refractive errors. The treatment reshapes the cornea by removing a predetermined amount of corneal tissue based on the individual’s unique treatment plan. This reshaping of the cornea improves the eye’s focusing power and enhances patients’ visual acuity.

Most patients see 20/20 or better after LASIK! Call us today and see why people come from all over Cleveland to have LASIK at our practice!

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