Monovision LASIK

Many patients, around the age of 40, begin experiencing a condition called presbyopia. This natural condition occurs when ciliary muscles lose elasticity, and patients thus lose the ability to accommodate, i.e. the ability to focus on near objects.

What Is Monovision LASIK?

Monovision LASIK is a specific type of LASIK designed to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses. Patients with Monovision LASIK have one eye treated to use for near vision, while the other eye remains predominantly used for distance vision, and the brain begins to adapt the patient’s vision to provide a full range of focus. Patients who want Monovision LASIK are oftentimes asked to wear two different contact lens prescriptions to ease them into this type of accommodation prior to surgery.

What Our Patients Have To Say

“Dr. Rom and his staff calmed my anxiety and did a truly miraculous thing -perfect eye sight. The procedure ended up being a pleasant event and my recovery was so easy. I highly recommend LASIK and I highly recommend Dr. Rom – thank you for making my life better!” – Caleb C.

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