Patient Reviews

“Dr Rom is very patient and takes the time to answer all your questions. I had cataract surgery and was very nervous – He took the time to make sure I understood the procedure and that I was comfortable throughout. He has a very caring chair side manner. Thank You Dr Rom!” – Kathleen S.

“Dr. Rom is Excellent! He is very proficient with his surgical cases and a very, very nice man! He always stay’s on top of the latest advances in medicine!” – Paul S.

“Dr. Rom is a wonderful doctor. He addressed my concerns about undergoing Cataract Surgery and his staff was very pleasant. The procedure was totally painless and the results were very positive. I wore glasses before and now I only need to wear readers. I would recommend Dr. Rom to anyone that needed Cataract Surgery.” – Patricia F.

“Excellent care including pre and post operating.” – Gayle C.

“After a routine visit to the optometrist for a new glasses prescription, at which time I had complained about everything looking cloudy or smoke filled, I was informed that I had cataracts. I had read Dr Rom’s posts in The News Herald so I decided to check him out. I had cataract and astigmatism correction surgery on my right eye in February and the same to the left eye in March of 2014. Dr Rom was outstanding before during and after the procedure. He explained every step as he worked on the right eye and made sure that I was relaxed and comfortable with what he was doing. Everyone at both the Mentor and Chardon offices and the staff that I had contact with at the Surgical Care center were all very pleasant and professional. I am very pleased with the results as now, after 35 years of wearing corrective lenses to be able to see, I have 20/20 vision and have a clarity that I never thought that I would have again. Anyone that is considering eye surgery should consider having Dr Rom do the work as he is a truly gifted surgeon with an excellent bedside manor and a quality team around him. A very special thanks to Mattie for explaining all of the pricing and preoperative and post operative procedures.” – Tim G.

“I saw Dr. Rom for cataract surgery with additional elective LRI surgery. I could not have asked for a better outcome with these surgeries. Dr. Rom is exceptional at what he does; his staff also is very helpful and efficient. I highly recommend Dr. Rom to anyone who is considering eye surgery. I am most pleased.” – Grace F.

“Very impressed! Excellent communication and professional disposition of Dr Rom and staff. I am very happy with my results. All questions were answered. Highly recommend.” – Joe W.

“What a great experience! After 50 years of prescription glasses and the recent onset of cataracts, I can now see better than ever! Dr. Rom and his staff were very helpful in understanding my condition and the options available to me. With each eye, the stay at the surgery center was only a couple of hours and the actual procedure was very quick and completely painless. The nurses and staff couldn’t have treated me better! Dr. Rom exceeded my expectations and I have already recommended him to three other people.” – Alan H.

“The professionalism of Dr. Rom and his staff is refreshing. The communication regarding the surgery was excellent. Most important to me was that my cataract surgery was completely painless. I will highly recommend Dr. Rom to my friends.” – Shirly B.

“I wish to express my gratitude to Dr. Rom and his staff at Insight Eye Center for the exceptional service and support everyone provided. I am somewhat astonished at how well I am seeing just one day after my cataract surgery. WOW! Everyone was so helpful guiding me through the process. Super job and most appreciated! I am always timid about surgery of any kind, but Dr. Rom and the staff made this a very positive experience.” – William D

“Words cannot express how pleased I am with my results. I was so impressed with the doctor himself and his staff. I would (and have) recommend Dr. Rom to anyone and everyone!” – Rita R.

“I don’t even know where to start. Dr. Rom and his staff are so AMAZING!!!! Elizabeth kept in contact with me thru out the whole process and always made sure if I had any questions that they got answered. I was very nervous about the surgery and she put all of my worries at ease. Dr. Rom is a very caring and never made me feel rushed he even remembered where I went on vacation. I would recommend Dr. Rom and Insite eye center to everyone!!!! I am now 20/20 and loving it.” – Anthony F

“I was experiencing difficulty reading street signs and judging distance of in coming traffic,hence my visit to an Optometrist. A trusted friend referred me to Dr.Rom. Dr. Rom confirmed that cataract surgery was needed. I’ve worn glasses or contacts since I was 9 years old, and now to only need reading glasses is wonderful. My distance vision is not only sharp and clear, but the colors are so vibrant. An AMAZING difference! The staff at Dr.Roms office were prompt, pleasant and courteous. The pre and post surgical instructions were discussed with me and printed copies were provided for my reference. I am thankful to Dr. Rom, his staff and the surgical center for enabling me to have the best vision ever.” – Eileen H.

“OMG, I can see! I put off having Cataract surgery for years. I was afraid. Many people told me, “Its nothing.” I couldn’t get past – surgery in my eyes. My vision got so bad, I couldn’t wait any longer. Everyone at Dr. Rom’s office was so reassuring, easy to talk to and calmed my nerves. They were willing to work with me answering my phone calls over and over again. I didn’t realize how bad my vision had become. But, now, I can see! Everything is so bright and clear. Thank you Dr. Rom and your wonderful staff!” – Judy C.

“Everyone was so nice. I was very happy with the Insight Eye Center at both the Chardon & Mentor offices. My surgery went just great.
Dr. Rom has been my eye doctor since probably 1996 and he was also my mother and fathers doctor. Thanks.” – Blythe W.

“My experience with Dr. Rom and his staff was amazing. At every step of the process I was given clear information and caring treatment. Any question was answered. Elizabeth and all the staff were excellent in this. Dr. Rom is so gifted and did a wonderful job that has given me clear vision for the first time in decades. Going home after the surgery I couldn’t stop reading signs along the road and truly “seeing” things that I never could see before. It is a true miracle to be able to see well and Dr. Rom and his team in the office, at the surgery center and over the phone gave me that gift. Thank you and God Bless!” – Ginny T.

“The procedure was quick and painless. . . I am still amazed at the crispness and clarity of my vision. I can’t believe that I can see the individual shapes of the tree leaves at the very top of the trees when I drive down the road.”– Julie W.

“Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Rom and staff. My vision is beyond my expectations. I was treated with respect, compassion, and professionalism. I highly recommend you visit this office if you are experiencing any eye problems.” – Mary Ann R.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rom’s for many years. I have had both cataract and Lasix surgery performed by him. I have recommended Dr. Rom to everyone in need of a great eye doctor. He is so friendly, calming, informative and so easy to talk to. He answers all questions and explains everything so well. More importantly, he’s very good at what he does. He’s an excellent doctor! I have worn glasses and then contacts for many years. Getting Lasix was a bit scary but Dr. Rom and his staff reassured me and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The procedure was not painful in any way and over with before I knew it. Waking in the morning and being able to see things clearly without waiting to put on my glasses or put in my contacts is a joy! Not to mention the cost of contacts and solutions every year and the time of putting them on in the morning and taking them off at night. What a difference in my life. Bottom line – Dr. Rom is the best at what he does. I thank God for Dr. Rom!” – Millie G.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Rom’s for many years. I have had both cataract and Lasix surgery performed by him. I have recommended Dr. Rom to everyone in need of a great eye doctor. He is so friendly, calming, informative and so easy to talk to. He answers all questions and explains everything so well. More importantly, he’s very good at what he does. He’s an excellent doctor!” – Millie G.