Toric Lens Implants

toric lens implant Chardon and Mentor, Ohio

At Dr. Rom and Insight Eye Center, we provide the TORIC Lens implants for cataract patients with astigmatism. This lens delivers an enhanced solution for high-quality distance vision. The TORIC Lens can reduce or eliminate corneal astigmatism while correcting cataracts, resulting in better distance vision and less reliance on eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Another alternative for cataract patients with astigmatism is to undergo a standard monofocal lens implant, followed by PRK eye surgery to address their astigmatism. This two-step process requires a longer recovery time. The advantage of the TORIC lens is that it enables cataract surgery and astigmatism correction in one step with a faster recovery.

How is the Toric Lens Produced?

The TORIC lens is a state-of-the-art, foldable, monofocal lens with astigmatism reduction technology. Its distinctive design allows for the reduction or elimination of corneal astigmatism while significantly enhancing uncorrected distance vision. The lens is made from the same biocompatible material that has been successfully implanted in over 25 million eyes since 1991.

Simulated Vision with a Toric IOL

What are the Benefits of the Toric Lens?

Before the introduction of advanced technology lenses, standard monofocal lens implants were the only option available for cataract surgery. These standard monofocal implants can improve vision clarity but cannot correct astigmatism. To reduce blurring and distortion, corrective eyewear or additional surgeries are necessary.

The TORIC lens enables your surgeon at Dr. Rom and Insight Eye Center to improve your vision and reduce or eliminate astigmatism during cataract surgery. There is no need for extra surgeries or eyewear to address astigmatism. Clinical studies have shown that the Toric lens implants provides excellent uncorrected distance vision for patients who have undergone cataract surgery.

What Can You Expect After a Toric Lens Implant?

You can expect to return to Dr. Rom and Insight Eye Center the same day or the day after your cataract surgery for a post-op appointment and several more visits afterward.The Toric IOL (intraocular lens) corrects astigmatism, and your far vision may improve if the astigmatism is addressed. Near vision is not corrected with a Toric IOL, and you might need reading glasses.

In a recent study, 97% of patients experienced good far-distance vision (20/40), and 95-99% of them stated they would choose the Toric lens again.